Building Accountable, Empathetic Algorithms 

Atipica was born because we envision a better version of our biased world. We know that data and machine learning can level the playing field in recruiting by facilitating career compatibility and enhancing human decisions.

We believe that:

Job “hunting” shouldn’t be a one-way battle between David and Goliath.

Non-referral applications and their resumes shouldn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Recruiters should feel that their input is valued.

A candidate’s work should be noticed first and their name last.

Algorithms should be empathetic and collaborative with the humans interacting with them.

But not all data, and their algorithms, is created equal. Yes, algorithms are ubiquitous in our lives. From our movie recommendations to how our credit is determined, algorithms are remaking our world and how we experience it.

Outside tech, people often wonder about the humans behind the machine. They ask themselves, who are these “brilliant” minds manipulating the music I like or the route I drive home?

In tech… we know. We know just how broken tech is, inside and out, when it comes to diversity of experience. We’ve hung out with the “dudes” who built the algorithms; we have seen his oblivious look when we ask him how he didn’t think of addressing (insert problem here). He rejects any accountability. His algorithms do too.

From the way engineers conceptualize their users, to the misuse case models that they develop, to the ways in which their algorithms are trained; there are myriad of ways in which an organization’s embedded bias can trickle down into the products they produce. Biased algorithms can result in products that unintentionally exclude, silence, or further marginalize large segments of the population.

And now we’re seeing the results in problematic headlines everywhere: “Artificial Intelligence’s White Guy Problem,” “Amazon Prime and the racist algorithms” and “Google’s sexist algorithms offer an important lesson in diversity.”

At Atipica, we view the world through a different lens.

A world where, when we succeed, we offer people “jobs tailored to fit their unique sets of skills, talents, passions, where they work with people they are inspired by and productive together with, where they engage in the most meaningful and fruitful opportunities that can be found for them.” (TechCrunch, March 2016).

Yes. We are idealist and altruistic in our mission. That’s because we want our code to have the maximum impact in our biased world.

Atipica counts on a group incredible investors, advisors and clients who have helped us get to the point where we need to hire more people. We are grateful for them and their support.

We would like to give a very special thanks to Ellen Pao of Project Include and Y-Vonne Hutchinson of ReadySet, a diversity solutions firm focused on helping companies build inclusive and stronger workforces, for their help editing this post.

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