The Evolution of Atipica

In 2014, Laura I. Gómez already had a good amount of tech experience under her belt. Having worked in tech since the age of seventeen at companies such as Hewlett-Packard,  Youtube and Twitter, she had worked in companies big and small. After tweeting about diversity for years, a journalist at USA Today asked her to be on a panel at Stanford Law in the winter of that year,  along with other leaders in Diversity and Inclusion and civil rights leaders.

This event  was ultimately the conversation that sparked the idea for Atipica. Soon thereafter, Laura called up a software developer friend. Atipica was born in early 2015.

In 2015, Atipica started crowdsourcing — not just funds, but resumes and assessment tests, a crucial step in validating user discovery. They were also developing their own Applicant Tracking System (ATS), so that they could efficiently and accurately mine resume data.

Every year is exciting for startups, but 2016 was especially exciting for Atipica. Atipica raised $2mil for its seed round, one of the biggest seed funding rounds raised by a Latinx-led technology company. This funding round was led by TrueVentures and included former Reddit-CEO Ellen Pao, Kapor Capital, and Precursor Ventures. This allowed the company to hire data scientists and develop more complex predictive algorithms. The two main solutions we offered were Powerfunnel AnalyticsTM, which provided analytics and insights into historical and current applicant databases, and Algorithm MatchingTM, an automatic review of past and current resumes to optimize recruiting efforts while interrupting biases. These products have evolved  and were instrumental the development of the robust platform we provide today.


In mid-2017, we launched Diversity Intelligence! Diversity Intelligence uses our patent-pending predictive analytics. These analytics provide insights on the demographics in a company’s applicant pool and measures company and applicant behaviors as they move through the hiring funnel. Later that year, Diversity Intelligence went to market and is now one of our most popular products.  

 In early 2018, we launched Inclusive Rediscovery,  an overhauled version of our older product, Algorithm MatchingTM. With newly improved algorithms, infrastructure, and user experience design, Inclusive Rediscovery efficiently minds candidate and prospect pools, saving time for recruiters and hiring teams. Underrepresented candidates can be resurfaced in seconds. Rediscovery_Dashboard_2.png

Atipica has had a short but intense period of growth, and we’re only going to keep growing and providing better solutions for promoting diversity in the workforce. By the end of 2018, we will launch an Augment API, which will allow clients to centralize their data by integrating Atipica-generated modeling and testing into their internal analytics platform. We’ll also launch a self-service Intelligence solution for smaller companies under 1,000 employees, so that we can provide diversity insights to companies of all sizes!

We’ve come a long way. Our designs have improved, models have become more relevant, and a quick look at our company dashboard shows how far we’ve come in terms of featuring data more intuitively. Atipica will continue to evolve, providing more diversity insights and coaching value to companies who care about an inclusive workforce.




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