Gradus: An Automatic Solution for a Diverse Workforce

At Atipica, we know it is difficult to know where to focus diversity hiring efforts for the greatest impact. It’s even harder to measure progress and results so that you can learn, adapt quickly and celebrate successes!

We are the only team thinking about inclusive AI to make it easier for you to have real, meaningful impact on your company’s inclusiveness. We’re also a team of passionate tech leaders, engineers, and data scientists and we care about your success.

We’ve built Gradus – which means ‘step’ in Latin – to elevate your company’s capability to an entirely new level. With the ease of self-service, Gradus gives you:

  • Actionable, easy-to-understand insights. See an analysis of every step of your hiring funnel, pointing to areas to focus your efforts for the greatest impact. Gradus allows you to establish a baseline, set your own tangible goals and provides benchmarks so that you can measure progress and celebrate diversity achievements!
  • Data-driven, AI embedded analysis of your hiring funnel as it exists today. Using our patented predictive models, we measure how candidates of different demographics move through your funnel, without the need to collect additional information or even use self identification data! We take great care with our inputs, models and presentation decisions to ensure our AI is empathetic and empowers inclusivity.
  • Beautifully designed, easy-to-consume progress dashboards. Our team of data scientists, engineers, and UI/UX designers work to visualize your data intuitively so as to provide a deeper understanding of your hiring process.

Why is Gradus right for you? Our app is:

  • Easy to use. Gradus connects to your ATS and their APIs in hours, giving you automated diversity data and insights so that you know where and how to concentrate your inclusivity efforts. No manual labor, and no spreadsheets!
  • Fast. Gradus is self-serve, so you can begin using it right away! Our streamlined onboarding process allows you to get to your diversity insights more quickly.
  • Beautiful. Our designs are aesthetically appealing, intuitive, and demonstrate the effort and care we put into supporting your diversity efforts.

We care about your diversity goals and helping you reach them. If you’re interested in seeing how Gradus can support your diversity initiatives, find out more here!

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