Announcing: Atipica Augment API


At Atipica, we work with companies and organizations to understand their talent data, improve their hiring processes, and help them build a more modern workforce.

We believe our technology can help companies foster diverse teams and build inclusive, supportive workplaces while understanding the return on investment of diversity, belonging and inclusion. With Atipica’s Diversity Intelligence platform, teams can easily share out our intuitive data visualizations to departments, leaders and colleagues. This year, we decided to make it even easier for companies to understand their talent data with our newly launched Augment API.

Our Augment API

Our first API was born over two years ago as an experiment. When one of our clients started using it to power all of their internal people analytics, we knew we had something good on our hands. We’ve since invested in massive improvements, and are thrilled to share it externally this month.

By leveraging Atipica’s Augment API, companies can now view candidate data on demographics, skill sets, and experience, not just for prospective candidates, but also for current employees. HR and People Analytics teams can easily integrate Atipica’s technology and predictions into their own analytics platform.

How it works

One Atipica customer uses our Augment API to measure how equitably they are treating employees of different backgrounds during the employee lifecycle. They use our API across teams, departments, and job functions to:

  • Understand demographic mobility during the employee lifecycle
  • Measure where people from underrepresented backgrounds are withdrawing during the hiring process
  • Help HR teams make targeted improvements to their retention process
  • Improve equity across departments and teams during promotion and compensation reviews

Atipica’s Augment API helps companies use data with purpose in order to adapt to the workforce. We want our customers to bring data to the table when discussing company wide patterns and practices around diversity and inclusion.

We recognize that honest conversations around patterns of inequity and bias can be challenging, especially when company or team leadership is not on the same page. A data-purposeful approach serves as a springboard for conversations around diversity, inclusion, and belonging, so you can plan for the future, and reach the goals you’ve worked so hard to set.

Find out more

Interested in checking out our Augment API offering or other product platforms? Reach out to us at  or visit our website to schedule a Demo.

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