Announcing: Atipica Augment API

At Atipica, we work with companies and organizations to understand their talent data, improve their hiring processes, and help them build a more modern workforce. We believe our technology can help companies foster diverse teams and build inclusive, supportive workplaces while understanding the return on investment of diversity, belonging and inclusion. With Atipica’s Diversity Intelligence platform, teams can easily share out our intuitive data visualizations to … Continue reading Announcing: Atipica Augment API

What the Numbers Say About the Rooney Rule

A Little Background In 2002, two NFL coaches, Tony Dungy and Dennis Green, were fired despite their impressive wins and records. What followed was a movement that catalyzed a movement in hiring, in sports and elsewhere. Soon thereafter, two U.S. civil rights attorneys reported findings that black head coaches, despite winning a higher percentage of games, were more likely to be fired and less likely … Continue reading What the Numbers Say About the Rooney Rule

Thoughtful Hiring for Underrepresented Candidates

While diversity and inclusion have been some of the hottest buzzwords in Silicon Valley for the past few years, many believe the industry is still floundering. The progress towards an inclusive workforce is slow and arduous. There are no quick fixes or shortcuts; making actionable ideas into an equitable reality requires us to analyze not only how we treat our current colleagues, but how companies hire them, from job post to offer. Continue reading Thoughtful Hiring for Underrepresented Candidates

Diversity Debt in Leaky Pipelines

We Analyzed Millions of Recruiting Data Points. This is What We Found. At Atipica, we are advancing the science of hiring by finding the right balance of people knowledge while utilizing the power of machine learning. It is this combination of human and artificial intelligence that makes us unique. While we focus primarily on the quantitative power of talent data, we simultaneously work with our business partners and clients to help them … Continue reading Diversity Debt in Leaky Pipelines

Building Accountable, Empathetic Algorithms 

Atipica was born because we envision a better version of our biased world. We know that data and machine learning can level the playing field in recruiting by facilitating career compatibility and enhancing human decisions. We believe that: Job “hunting” shouldn’t be a one-way battle between David and Goliath. Non-referral applications and their resumes shouldn’t get lost in the shuffle. Recruiters should feel that their … Continue reading Building Accountable, Empathetic Algorithms