The Evolution of Atipica

We’ve come a long way. Our designs have improved, models have become more relevant, and a quick look at our company dashboard shows how far we’ve come in terms of featuring data more intuitively. Atipica will continue to evolve, providing more diversity insights and coaching value to companies who care about an inclusive workforce.

Thoughtful Hiring for Underrepresented Candidates

While diversity and inclusion have been some of the hottest buzzwords in Silicon Valley for the past few years, many believe the industry is still floundering. The progress towards an inclusive workforce is slow and arduous. There are no quick fixes or shortcuts; making actionable ideas into an equitable reality requires us to analyze not only how we treat our current colleagues, but how companies hire them, from job post to offer.

A Month at Atipica: First Impressions

It’s been a month since I joined the Atipica team. Having just come from an experience with workplace toxicity that left me a little terrified of tech and all the connotations that came with it, I came in not knowing what to expect. Here are my thoughts on Atipica, split up into the three topics that have made my time here distinct and memorable: the product, the people, and the prospects.